M.A.J.E.S.T.I.C.A and Bujang Kesindap

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So.. after months and months of silence.. finally I have the will to continue on blogging on the side of Bat's world.

Been thru a lot this year.. Yah, I prefer to remember only the good memories & sweet moments. Started something, ended something, keep struggling on things.. wow.. as this year almost ends, I figure out that this is a year of a new beginnning and continuum of all the good things I have started since few years ago.

MAJESTICA, yes.. sounds Majestic isn't it ? This is my current band and always will be. Formed in last June, and I devoted my soul to this. Forming MAJESTICA was a big decision for me as I've been bandless for more than 10 years (Ya,.. the guy who played only in his bedroom, practice like hell, covering few song and posted them to youtube, then expecting comments or if got luckier got some cool offer from those big names in the music scene).. Mentally I am fully ready for MAJESTICA. It would mean time and discipline commitment. For this, I don't want them to end. let it be forever by God's will.

Yah, lucky me to have a very cool family in the band. I invited Roxas as our bass player. I can say that he is a beginner in music. With no proper music basic but I saw his willing to learn and commitment and these are the traits of a good bandmate. So, he's officially in on jan 2011. Then, he introduced me to a drummer, Mr. Entalai.. a very talented metal drummer. We have few great jam session as 3 piece band. but things were not going well where in Feb 2011, all of our studio equipment been stolen by some &**&^@#$ gang. they got caught but the stolen items were not returned until May 2011. by May, I've not been in contact with Entalai.. didn't know if he's still around.. we didn't met for months.. and I said to myself, it's time for a new drummer.

So, one sunny afternoon, I went to Zoso music to buy some guitar strings and met Boyzt. From the first time we met, we just talked and talked nothing else but music. I found out that he's a very good guitarist at first... Then for the nest few days, we met and talked about music things and I told him that I was looking for a drummer. Lucky for me, he was a drummer for a local reputable music band (Primetime).. he can play like craze on guitar and he's also a good drummer??? oh wow... then he offered himself to be part of the band. I was smiling and yess, this is it. he joined us in June 2011. Very important asset for the family.

oh.. I forgot on the band's name. MAJESTICA was not the original name. The first name I came out with was 'Majestic portrait'... then changed it to 'Soundcampers' (Sound lame isn;t it?).. then 'Portrait of Grace'.. and Finally Majestica. We felt that the other names was too long or a bit lame.. :P

Then I met our precious vocalist on Facebook. She was introduced by a friend. Accompanied by a strongwill to look for a talented and passionate musician/vocal as a familyu member, I (who were at that time, was a total stranger to her) sent a private message to Maloney Andrea Apaiterik. As expected, she was surprised and kind of blur.. what is this? a stranger send you a pm and want you to sing.. hehe.. a bit odd.. but by god's willing, we managed to contact each other and I brought everyone to met at Fifteen cafe, just below Zoso music.. On our first meeting, I took all the chances and the best of me to explain and share the band's vision. That this is not just a normal gig band.. the missions.. etc.. and it went... well :D

So, the four of us.. MAJESTICAN.. had our first jam in June 2011. We jam few times, trying to find and stabilized the chemistries among us. The band was blessed by its committed members. Discipline.

Then.. I met Umpok (Keyboardist). He bring along his friend Atien who is now our 2nd guitarist, and this guy really rocks! Riffing part, he's the man! Our vocalist then, brought Lyssa, a very talented young girl to join as a vocalist/acoustic guitarist.. Hey..! didn't I mentioned Maloney can play very well too on guitar ? I guess I forgot.. :P She can play damn good too.

Ok, by this time there are 7 of us. We had great jam. We composed our very first song, Tua Selama Ya, a slow rocking song. (Which I like very much).. Then came August.. the band practice routine was great.. MAJESTICA was invited for the opening act for a local Rock icon band (MASTERPIECE). It was a total honour. Thanks a million to them for the opportunity. We almost didn't make it due to some problem. Our keyboardist had other agendas and only last minute he changed plan, and there we went.. the show was a total blast. our first original song was heard and the crowd really enjoy it. We had fun.. we had a great moment rocking at telai Belali in August as MAJESTICA. Other performing band was the awesome HEVANCE! they are super cool & they are also celebrity, recording artists!

Time flies.. and yah.. it's October.. My lovely wife (Jessica) is now counting days.. by the time of blogging this, her due date is 4 more days. I'm so anxious, with mixed crazy feelings, can't wait to meet ouor first child, a princess.. Daddy welcome you with lots of love.. lots of music.. lots of awaiting adventures and supercool journeys.. See ya soon Kiera.. And to lovely wife, thanks for everything.. thanks for bearing the 9 heavy months in weight and difficulties.. but it's a wonderful moment.. watching the belly movement.. choosing song for baby playlist.. shopping for baby's items, room preparations.. oh everything was great.. now.. counting the hours.. awaiting..

M.A.J.E.S.T.I.C.A - Everly Jam Fest 2011 Champion
Right to left: Roxas, Atien, Lyssa, Maloney, Boyzt, Bujang Kesindap

ok.. Last 28th October, we were selected for final round of Battle of the Band in Bintulu. it was organized by the Parkcity Everly hotel.. Everly Jam Fest.. We practiced like hell.. going home late every night, putting all time and endless efforts into our practice hour. It's a big task, it was tense.. it was tiring.. in the same time we enjoyed it.

Oh ya.. we're very dissapointed as our keyboardist couldn't join us for this very important event. he rather choosed to go for the tattoo exhibition in Miri on the same date. By this time, every Majestican wonder.. which is more important to him. everyone was very very dissapointed. And honestly, I don't want this kind of attitude by not putting the band as a priority. I know this mught be harsh and hard to swallow but this is the rule. Band first, then the rest.. If this is unacceptable, then the band won't accept your attitude. We had a talk among band members.. the result is secret. And so we rocked the stage with 2 songs.. A song from the legendary Whitesnake, their new single 'Love will set you free' and our very own original song in Iban Language, Munsang Mirah (This song really kick lots of assses).. The performance was great and........................ ... ..... ......

=> M.A.J.E.S.T.I.C.A emerged as the CHAMPION of EVERLY JAM FEST 2011. We didn't expect to win, as the rest of the finalists were giving their best too. guess that we're lucky to be chosen as the winner. All the hardworks and time pured into the practice hours was worth it. This is a great achievement, everyone was smiling and proud of themselves. We thanks all our family members and supporters as well. it was a very very wonderful moment. Lyssa also joined other contest at the same event for the voice of Everly. And She Won the 1st place! Congrats to her.. Multi-talented band right ? Told ya! We kept the thropy and newspasper cuttings, photo at the Majestic Studio as a monument for this first success.

Left to right (Behind): Atien (2nd Guitar), Roxas (Bass), Boyzt (Drum)
Left to right (Sitting): BK (1st guitar), Maloney (Vocalist), Lyssa (Vocal/Acoustic)

Majestica in action

now.. next step for MAJESTICA.. we had small talk last night about things related to the band. As Lyssa is going to continue her study in December, we gave her a break from the band... it was her decision too to focus on study and for any opportunity as a soloist, she will go for it. Officially, MAJESTICA is letting her go.. it was a sad moment.. but we promised her, anytime she want to rock with us, the door is always open for her as she was now, already part of Majestica's blood. Wishing her all the best in her study and venture. Also would like her to know that, any problems/inquiries/anything bothering her, we will always be here as one strong MAJESTICA, as her family, giving her full support and helps. You rock Lyssa and we knew it. so cayo cayo for your study :) (Thanks to her sporting dad.. He gave a very strong support to us all this time and even gave me a slide for guitar).. Thanks a lot Sir!

Today's 3rd of November.. MAJESTICA will continue its musical journey for this is just a beginning.. We'll make more song.. we have the demo offer from REG Entertainment part of the winning prIze on Jam Fest. Our main focus now is to create more songs.. cool songs for our album. And this would be a Majestic one! Oh ya.. thank to Depha Masterpiece for contributing his touch of gold on a duet song (He will be the guest of honour in this duet - in our upcoming album). So.. wish us luck!



  1. Majestica!!!
    Congratz once again to all of you. You guys deserved it.
    Keep on rocking n can't hardly wait Majestica first album.

  1. Thanks Mummy Kiera! love you! love Kiera!

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